Summary: Analysis of the determinants of innovation by knowledge areas, and implementation of STI surveillance units

The OCyT performs three major types of projects: measurement, characterization, and analysis.

The first refers to the production of indicators, the definition or adaptation of methodologies, and the design of data collection instruments. Typical projects in this area are: the design and implementation of core-indicators, and the design and application of surveys, among others.

The second focuses in the scrutiny of states of situation based on available information in order to characterize new phenomena; ultimately guiding future policy developments. Typical projects in this area include: case studies or pilot studies, qualitative studies, activity mapping, and studies of sectoral or territorial characterization, among others.


Finally, the analysis projects are intended to influence the decision-making process, by means of analyzing and evaluating programs and policies, and by presenting opinions and policy recommendations. Typical projects in this category include: evaluations of research programs and of structural plans of STI.